Michigan Fly Fishing Report


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March1, 2016

Fishing Report

The calendar says March 1st, but the weather looks more like April 1st! The ice broke loose on the backwaters of Tippy Dam yesterday, and the Big Man is big and dirty. We have a lot of Steelhead around and if the weather keeps this pattern we expect things to peak in the next two or three weeks. Now, with that being said we will continue to see new fish through early May. Water temps on the Big River are around 37 degrees, and smaller rivers are creeping into the 40’s. The Pere Marquette is big, but when it drops this week it should be on fire again. If you are waiting to book your springs day, now is the time to make the trip up!

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Tight Loops, Capt. Dave

Weather is an important factor for catching fish and humans being comfortable fishing. You can check our weather at Weather Underground

Another big factor that effects fishing are stream flows. The USGS has a flow chart in real time that let’s us check flows on river in our region. Check it at USGS



May features: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Bass, Trout, Pike, Bluegill!