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The trend of an epic fall continues! We have seen plenty of beautiful Steelhead enter the river system, King Salmon are still in the Big river, as well as their cousin the Coho. Using anything small and flashy is your best bet for Coho; fly and conventional tackle for kings. Steelhead and brown trout are keyed in on eggs, but the swing bite isn't far behind. Chuck and duck (drift fishing, bottom bouncing) has produced the largest number of fish. However, indicator (nymphing) with beads has also been quite successful, and a fun and different way to fish for Steelhead this time of year. The beautiful colors of fall that Northern Michigan is known for are popping all over the river and our temperatures are slowly starting to fall. The upland bird hunts have been quite productive over the last few weeks, with plenty of table fare for the upcoming holidays. We are fully stocked up with a large assortment of egg flies, and the best selection of trout beads in our area. 


Now is the time to fish the Pine, and she is gin clear! The boys did very well today fun fishing! Nymphing with Pat’s Rubber Legs and a dropper, hoppers, and streamers were all working! The fish were not picky! RJ even lost a 24 inch brown trout at the boat!

The Big Manistee is pretty warm, hovering around 71.5 temp, w/ 1675 cfs. The water is warm on our trout, try to fish early in the morning or in the evening hours to prevent trout kill. Pike and Small mouth have been the number one species caught this week, with Skamania showing up near the coffer. Don’t get too excited, they have been less impressed with anglers right now!

The Little Manistee has been a bit quiet this week. Terrestrials and nymphing is your best bet. A few Kings have been showing up, and reports from the Big Lake this year is leading us to believe the Salmon run is going to be stronger than years’ past!

The PM River is starting with the rubber leg bite, and rumors of a few kings are showing up!

Monster hex fish D Loop Outfitters24 inch hex troutResident Hex trout

Fish are looking up, and eating later in the day into the evening hours. Hex is in full swing, and the vermin bite remains solid. Rain has pushed its way through this past week, and finally water levels are coming down.

Little Manistee: The upper stretches are streamer fishing well!

Below Tippy Dam: There has been a strong planter bite over the past few days so if you are looking to getting into bigger fish head downstream. Both caddis and soft hackles are working well.

The backwaters of Tippy: The bite is soft during the day. The evening bass bite with bugs is cookin’ and is a fun alternative species to fish the hex.

The Pine is clearing, but continues to be muddy. Nymphing the upper stretches have produced some nice trout this week.

This week on the water things have been heating up; expect bigger bugs to start showing themselves!

The backwaters of Tippy: Today, fished well! Small mouth bass are post-spawn, and hungry. They can be found on weed lines, and drop-offs (in 15ft of water, they are typically 3-4ft down). Surface flies, and streamers are working well.

The Pine: The fishing has been good during the day, and seems to have a lot of big fish around.  Nymphing and streamers have been getting it done. The clarity is good, and with little rain in the upcoming forecast this body of water will be a good one to visit this weekend.

Big Man below Hodenpyle Dam: Small mouth fishing has been good, nymphing has been good in the riffles with small nymphs. The streamer bite is just about done, and is more productive with dries and nymphs.

Big Man below Tippy Dam: Caddis, Caddis, Caddis! Trout fishing has been fair on caddis, w/ soft hackle. Pike fishing on the other hand, has been quite good this week! These toothy critters have been devouring streamers.

This week on the water has been full of exciting times! The steelhead bite is decreasing drastically and there are not many to be found. Don’t worry though the trout action is picking up strong. You can count of seeing large number of trout in the system, you may find them gulping bugs on the top. Look for sub surface action from these active fish. They are aggressive now on caddis, black stones and of course small streamers. We are not using the egg pattern much at all as the steelhead have worked their way out of the system. We are so close to peak for the warm water fish. You can still count on finding bass in deep weeds although, with the recent warm temps we have been seeing a lot of top water attacks. Everyone is ready for an upcoming hot summer, day on the water. We have just the place for you to fish. Whether it is on the back waters of the damn for an aggressive toothy bite, or in the river system that we know so well to be full of big trout.

monster trout



Finally a week of warmer weather! Today is expected to be partly cloudy, but with a high of 80, this makes for an awesome day on the water. Chance of rain %0 in the afternoon, with a slight chance of showers later on in the afternoon, and tapering off through the early afternoon. Winds SSW 10 to 18 mph. Humidity %76.









CFS 1960 and staying steady

Temp 56.5 increasing by a degree or two during the day

Gauge 8.86’

Pressure 29.82 and steady

This week on the water has been full of exciting times! Although the steelhead bite is decreasing and they are not many to be found the trout action is picking up strong. You can find a mix of both for now, but they may change from one day to the next. The fish are aggressive now on small fry patterns, caddis, black stones and of course small streamers. We are not using the egg pattern as much as the steelhead have worked their way out of the system. In other news, we are gearing up for warm water fishing.  That’s right it’s almost time for bass and pike! You can find bass in deep weeds for right now until temps warm and they move onto beds. Everyone is ready for a warm day on the water, and hot fishing. Dave is getting especially excited for the toothy bite! So come spend a day of the water with us, you’re sure to find fish this time of the year and guaranteed a fun time. Book with us soon or you may miss out on all the action.

Somebody turn off the rain! Thursday the Big Manistee was spilling over her banks at over 4,000 cfs, with chocolate milk color and a foot of visibility. The day was a challenge, but we managed to get it done bottom bouncing with egg flies and beads. No rain over night did us some good, the flows today are down to 3250 cfs and dropping. The clarity is still muddy, but improved to 3ft of visibility with a temperature of 52 degrees. The good news is the rain brought in a push of new spring fish, and trout are starting to bust salmon fry again.

Flies that are working: Salmon fry, black stones, bright colored egg flies, and trout beads 8-10mm in bright, milky colors.

Today’s weather forecast: Today overall, expect cloudy conditions with pops of sun through the afternoon peaking around 2pm. Winds ranging from NNW 10 to 18. High of 49 but mostly sitting at around 40. Showers in the forecast throughout the day. Chance of rain accumulation 0%, humidity 86% and a high visibility of 10.0 mi

Don’t forget trout opener is April 29th! Stop by the shop for some smoked ribs, and check out our fully stocked fly shop! Our bead selections, and fly selections are some of the best in the North!

D-Loop Outfitters Weekly Fishing Report 

This week on the water fishing has been fair, we are catching them in the runs in the upper to mid sections of the river and also around traditional spawning gravel areas. They are spread out through the system from what I have seen, but that can change day to day. It is time for them to spawn so they are on the move to their spawning gravel to get things done. There are a pretty good mixture of fish around right now lots of chrome hens being caught with some males and skippers in the mix. We have been fishing floats as well as bottom bouncing lately mainly because of the different types of water have been catching them in. As far as the Steelhead go 8 and 10mm beads in natural to milked out colors, black stone flies and egg sucking leeches. The water temps are rising, flows are dropping and the clarity is clearing a little each day.


Weather for April 14th

TIME      TEMP      RAIN        WIND

7:00am      38        10%       NE 6 MPH

8:00am      39        10%       E 5 MPH

9:00am      44          0%       E 7 MPH

10:00am    49          0%       NE 7 MPH

11:00am    54          0%       NE 9 MPH

12:00pm    59          0%       NE 9 MPH

1:00pm      60          0%       NE 10 MPH

2:00pm      62          0%       SE 11 MPH

3:00pm      63          0%       SE 10 MPH

4:00pm      64          0%       SE 9 MPH

5:00pm      64          0%       SE 9 MPH









CFS  2450 Steady

TEMP 48.2 DEGREES Rising this morning



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